Nominations open for UCLU Spring Elections

Nominations open for UCLU Spring Elections

Rebecca Pinnington reports on the opening of UCLU Election nominations, what this means for students, and how you can get involved

Nominations are now open for UCLU Spring Elections, the most exciting time of the year here at Pi, when we get to take a look at all the promises UCLU’s elected officers might break next year.

Any member of UCLU can stand for full-time sabbatical positions, or part-time positions, to get involved and make a difference for current and future UCL students, with funding, resources and support staff to make the changes that students find to be important.

Previous initiatives by sabbatical officers include the introduction of large-scale Black History Month celebrations and events, the Zero Tolerance campaign to combat sexual violence on campus, and, most importantly, the installation of microwaves in UCLU common rooms. Officers are also responsible for keeping students informed of what’s happening in the Union, holding the College accountable to ensure it considers student views in big decision-making, and lobbying UCL Council to make changes guided by students.

Here at Pi we’re predicting UCLU Sports Officer Nick Edmonds will run for Activities and Events, Conservative Society President Helen Chandler-Wilde may once again run for Women’s Officer, and housing campaign BNOC David Dahlborn will run for a campaigning role (if not this year, next). Either way, we’re excited to see who comes out of the union woodwork.

Meanwhile, current sabbatical officers are encouraging everyone to run for positions, emphasising the opportunities successful candidates will have to make positive change within UCL and the Union. Sustainability, Engagement and Operations Officer Mohammad Ali Mumtaz told us,

“The job description does not do the role justice; it is a big opportunity to have an incredible period of learning and development, while at the same time working on issues that you care about. I would encourage everyone who is thinking of standing to go for it!”

As candidates destroy a forest to print their brightly coloured election materials, we’re excited to see controversy, rivalry, and cringe-worthy slogans unfold. Perhaps someone will commit electoral fraud and still get to earn a £25,000 salary?

If you’re interested in becoming a Union sabbatical officer and want to find out more, attend UCLU’s ‘Thinking of standing?’ event on Monday 1 February, 18.00 in Pearson G17.

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