‘UCL, Cut the Rent’ accuses university management of censorship and intimidation

‘UCL, Cut the Rent’ accuses university management of censorship and intimidation

The campaign released the details in a Facebook post after they were met with complaints and regulations about an event organised at UCL hall of residences

On the 7th November “UCL, Cut the Rent” created an event on Facebook for an open meeting at the Ifor Evans site in Camden (which also includes Max Rayne house). The event was organised with the assistance and support of Emilie Dufwa, UCL Students’ Union Accommodation Officer.

After posting about the event, the campaign received an email a few hours later from Ken Matthews, UCL Accommodation Student Experience Manager. The email stated that the campaign had to book the common room of Max Rayne for the meeting to go ahead.

However, in previous years open meetings have been held here and with no booking previously required. In their facebook post released today they stated that this was “an obvious case of management monitoring our social media and trying to intimidate us.”

Following this email the campaign requested to book the common room via the Students’ Union Accommodation Officer. The booking was accepted the next day.

Upon receiving the promotional materials from the Students Union to advertise their event at the halls, they were sent another email from halls management containing a list of regulations. These stated that the campaign was not allowed to knock on students’ doors, flyer, poster or contact any residents about the event. The end of the email stated:

“These terms shall be governed by English law and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.”

The campaign says that these preventive measures are a “blatant attempt at censorship,” and an “intrusion on the free speech of the campaign and its supporters.” They claim UCL’s management is “obviously scared” of the campaign and its prior achievements which include winning millions of pounds in rent cuts, freezes and bursaries since it was set up in 2015.

The open meeting is to be held this Monday. The event can be found here.  

Featured Image Credit: UCL, Cut The Rent