UCL Provost warns about Article 50 triggering

UCL Provost warns about Article 50 triggering

Professor Michael Arthur, UCL President and Provost, sent around a UCL wide email last week concerning the governments approval of Article 50 through the House of Commons with no amendments.

In particular, the email stressed the fact that the government rejected an amendment which would have ensured that permanent residency remained a guarentee for all EU citizens currently living in the UK.

Yet the email highlighted how UCL remained positive about the outcome of this area, indicating how a letter sent from Amber Rudd, from the Home Secretary, stated that, ‘nothing will change for EU citizens, whether already resident in the UK or moving from the EU without parliaments approval.’

Professor Michael Arthur makes it clear that this outcome, while not ideal, is also the first sign that the government is intending to stick to the initial promises that they made regarding EU residency as a top priority.

The email ends, ‘I hope this message goes some way to re-assuring all EU staff and students that you have a very positive future here at UCL….We will continue to support all of our EU staff and students until this argument is won.’


Featured image: The Times

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