Victory for student rent strikers as UCL awards nearly £100,000 in compensation

Victory for student rent strikers as UCL awards nearly £100,000 in compensation

Precious Adesina reports on the UCL rent strike victory

After a long and tedious discrepancy between UCL students and UCL, Campbell House Residents have now come out victorious, receiving a full term’s rent rebate worth £1,368 per student.

The dispute began when Campbell House Residents became increasingly disturbed by constant noise and pollution from building works next door, but received near to no response from UCL Management.

According to a University complaints panel “These works have had a severe impact on both the student experience of living in London and studying at UCL, and the ability to prepare for examinations.”

Jamal Rizvi, Campbell House Resident and one of the main leaders of the campaign, said

“This is a huge triumph for all involved in the rent strike. We started out just trying to make our opinions heard – standing up for the little guy. […] As much as the compensation is of course a lovely reward, the true prize is that we have changed things for students at UCL for the better, for always.”

David Dahlborn, UCLU’s Halls and Accommodation Representative said

“All credit must go to the brave residents and the rent strikers, who put themselves on the line and faced some of the worst threats from management. This is their victory and it truly vindicates the position and the actions of the rent strikers. They were right all along and they were right to take action. I think this sets a new precedent for what students can achieve in grassroots housing campaigns.”

Residents involved in the protest have received threats of academic sanctions and expulsion.

The decision was made on Monday 12th October 2014 by the University complaints panel which concluded with a heartfelt apology to all Campbell House Resident:

“On behalf of UCL I would like to apologise for the experience that the student residents of Campbell House West faced during 2014-15 and I would like to reassure you that UCL takes its responsibility towards its students extremely seriously and values highly its relationship with the student body. As such I am sorry that on this occasion the students’ experience did not match their or our expectations.” As such, the hearing put an end to a lengthy and strenuous argument.

This decision by UCL will set the university back nearly £100,000.

Featured Image Credit: Sam Fearnley

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