No, this is not from Saturday Night Live

No, this is not from Saturday Night Live

Katie Riley gives you the most unintentionally ironic ad of the 2014 campaign season

WARNING: This is not an SNL skit. This is not satire. This is a real ad that was really shown in 16 states with really close races for real elected positions.

Cultural Background: Say Yes to the Dress, off which this ad is based, is an American reality television show that chronicles the drama of various brides-to-be searching for their ‘dream gown’ at Kleinfeld’s, a luxurious bridal boutique in New York City.

Political Background: Rick Scott, the incumbent Republican governor of Florida, is locked in a tight race for re-election with Charlie Crist, a Democrat. Although, there are about 16 different versions of this ad, all catered specifically to a different close race.

Problem the College Republican National Committee attempted to address, but really made worse: The Republican Party’s perceived ‘Women Problem’.

Fun Fact: This ad was obviously targeted at young women. The CRNC’s Alex Smith told The Wall Street Journal they were trying to connect in a ‘culturally relevant way’. But, as The New Republic pointed out: “The median age of a Say Yes to the Dress viewer is 44.” (Yeah… It’s the kind of show you watch all day when you’re home sick.)

Reason why Pi Politics is sad and ashamed: We did not put this ad on our list of the 14 weirdest (and worst) political campaign ads of all time.

Days until the US midterm elections: 20.

Featured image: Still from ‘Say Yes to Rick Scott

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