Politicians and their mini-compositions

Politicians and their mini-compositions

You may be thinking, who are these random people with this random baby, and why does Pi Politics care? So we’re going to show you another picture: same baby, different couple.

Aha! Now you get it. Bill and Hill are officially grandparents. (Yay for them!)

So, in honour of the birth of the newest royal of American politics, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, here is a delightful list of world leaders and politicians with their respective tiny humans.

Chelsea, Hillary, and Bill Clinton (the “White House years”)


The White House via Wikipedia

To begin, let’s keep it in the family. Okay so, technically Chelsea is not really a little person in this photo, but it’s important to appreciate that even the president has awkward family photos.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh with Prince Charles and Princess Anne, (1957)


Library and Archives Canada via Wikipedia

Charles is looking straight at the camera like, “Yeah, that’s right. I’m going to be king some day.”

Ed Miliband with wife, Justine, and two sons, Daniel and Samuel, (2013)

Via The Mirror

Getty Images

In the same way that Ed Miliband is a slightly worrying person, this picture is also slightly worrying. The boys look like they’re having fun and all, but that just cannot be good for their shoulder sockets…

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark with her children and grandchildren, (2010)

Bill Ebbesen via Wikipedia

Bill Ebbesen via Wikipedia

Okay, so maybe we’re stretching the whole “world leaders” bit here. No one outside of Denmark and UCL’s Scandinavian Department (yeah, we have one!) probably knows that Denmark even has a queen. But here she is, and look at those beautiful, bouncing børn (Danish for “children”, duh). The girl on the right looks like she’s working out how long it’ll take for her spit to reach the ground (or someone’s head).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wife, Sara, with sons, Yair and Avner, (1996)


Government Press Office via Wikipedia

One kid is playing with matches. The other kid is… sneezing, maybe? Maybe he just doesn’t want to open his eyes? Maybe the light from the menorah is too bright? Regardless, not the ideal political photo-op.

Barack Obama with daughters, Sasha and Malia (2012)

The White House via Wikipedia

The White House via Wikipedia

Sasha’s playing to the camera and like, “LOL. Look at mom on TV.” (Michelle Obama was speaking at the Democratic National Convention.) But, Malia’s all, “Who is this dude taking pictures of us sitting on the couch? And why are we sitting so close together? We never sit so close together. Can we watch Gossip Girl?”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George, (2014)

Auspic/Commonwealth of Australia via Wikipedia

Auspic/Commonwealth of Australia via Wikipedia

And, in the end, we’re back in Britain. (Because who doesn’t like looking at Prince George?)

And who can forget the adorable royal wave?

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

Featured image credit: @ChelseaClinton

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