Find the football team for you

Find the football team for you

New to London? Don’t know what football team to support? Find out which London side is best for you by matching your personality.


Let’s start with the ones you will definitely have heard of…

Arsenal: The North London side are probably best for you if you perform well all year, get firsts in all your essays, and generally look good on paper. You’re the student we all want to be. That is, until exam time. Arsenal is for you if you just can’t seem to get it together at the end, you buckle under pressure and oh dear, look at those results…

Chelsea: You are the international student. Chelsea will suit you if you’ve come to study in London from abroad, you’ve got loads of cash and you will get a first one way or the other. If this is you then get down to Stamford Bridge ASAP. (Although maybe give it a season, things haven’t been looking good recently).

Tottenham Hotspur: Arsenal’s North London rivals will attract you if you’re a bit cocky, but you can’t understand why no one likes you. I probably wouldn’t worry though, you might flunk a year, but like Tottenham, you end up doing annoyingly well.  Sound familiar? White Hart Lane calls your name.

West Ham: Do you panic when you have to speak in a big lecture hall? Then the recently relocated West Ham are the perfect side for you. You are great in small tutorials, but when it comes to filling that big, cavernous space…well, things don’t go all that well. Head to the Olympic Stadium if you like bubbles and fancy a bit of a punch up.




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Here are some more you will probably have heard of…

Crystal Palace: Get down to Selhurst Park if you’re the dark horse of the uni scene. At parties you probably get a bit too drunk, a bit too loud, but you’re still the most lovable guy in the room. Classic Palace fan.. However, only make the trip down to South East London if despite your late night antics you never miss a deadline. If this sounds right then Crystal Palace suits you both on and off the pitch.

Fulham: If you are the most British of the British, you love the Queen and a cup of tea, and the quiet of the library, then Craven Cottage and Fulham should be your preferred choice. Be sure to flash your signet ring for a ticket discount..

Queen’s Park Rangers: Your club of choice should be QPR if like midfielder Joey Barton- who seemed to think he could buy his way into a Philosophy degree at the University of Roehampton- you thought you could break into the London high life by throwing money around. However, as Barton and his former club found out, it doesn’t work out for you. You should probably go back to your friendly values at The Roxy and stop trying to sneak into Mahiki.

Still haven’t found the right team? There’s even more.

Millwall: South East London’s notoriously more violent side probably isn’t for you if you go to UCL. If you’re the unashamed thug of the group, London polytechnic (King’s) is just down the road.

Charlton Athletic: The former Premier League side suits the person who maybe lacks a bit of self-confidence. You used to get firsts but recently you can’t seem to get it together. You’ll probably be alright in the end though.

Leyton Orient: The O’s are east London’s lesser known side. Go and support them if, no matter how hard you try, you never get higher than a 2:2. The League Two side aren’t famed for their success, and don’t seem that bothered by it, so maybe you will like it there.

Brentford: Playing in The Championship, Brentford are actually quite cool. If you are doubting UCL’s edginess and are considering a move to SOAS or Goldsmiths, you will enjoy Griffin Park.

AFC Wimbledon: You know those people who really come out of their shell at university? Well if you have left the teenage anxieties of school behind and are flourishing at UCL, then head to Wimbledon. 6 promotions in 14 years shows AFC Wimbledon are loving life.

There is also Dagenham & Redbridge if you feel the inner hipster calling you to be different, but if not, we hope you find your team.


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