‘Sachin’s mum cuts Sachin’s hair’

‘Sachin’s mum cuts Sachin’s hair’

Precious Adesina reports on the double RUMS hockey defeat

As the women’s RUMS Hockey began, a flood of UCL supporters made their way to their seats. There was a heavy turnout on UCL’s part with RUMS supporters dominating the arena with their famed “Middle, middle, middle” chant as GKT (KCL’s medical school) supporters politely watched in silence. I’m almost certain I heard a supporter tell players to break GKT’s legs. At least we’ve got spirit.

Although the ball was in RUMS’ half of the pitch for most of opening minutes, our defence proved hard to break down with most of the first half remaining scoreless. Sadly, the breakthrough came from GKT’s 87 just before halftime, leaving RUMS entering the break a goal down.

As the second half commenced, RUMS’ desperation to win was keenly felt by both the players and the supporters. Our attack answered our prayers by scoring within 10 minutes of the restart. At this stage in the match, the supporters changed their chant to something a little less polite. “Middle, middle, middle” turned into “It’s nice to know you’re here, now f*** off” as tensions rose.


Blurry due to the incredible speed of RUMS players

For most of the game, RUMS had the majority of possession with 55%. GKT however, appeared dangerous on the counterattack. Alas, we were condemned to defeat by GKT’s 87 scoring her second of the afternoon, a ‘brace’ according to those more well-versed with hockey. Despite our defeat, the RUMS girls’ showing was an improvement on last year’s 4-1 loss to GKT.

In the aftermath of the women’s defeat, the tension was palpable for the men’s RUMS hockey. However, our opponents also showed their competitive streak that resulted in a bloody facial injury to one of our players, Adam Muse. Although no lasting damage was done to his handsome face, he had to sit out for the rest of the game. Despite the man advantage as a result of GKT receiving a yellow card and us dominating most of the half, the first half somehow ended 2-0 to GKT.

Sensing that victory was slipping away, RUMS supporters turned their focus onto GKT’s captain Sachin. “Sachin’s mum cuts Sachin’s hair” rang out loud and clear but unbeknown to RUMS supporters, Sachin’s mum was actually at the game. She denied all responsibility of cutting her son’s hair. Now he has no excuse for his haircut.

Though our defence held firm in the second half, we were unable to score against GKT and the score remained 2-0 to GKT.

We may have lost both matches, but GKT will never be able to compete with our spirit (and our extraordinary good looks, according to the commentator).

All image credits: Precious Adesina

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