Five reasons you need to go to Gold Coast

Five reasons you need to go to Gold Coast

Tashiana Langley recommends the Gold Coast as the perfect Australian getaway

Allow the Gold Coast, a city in south-eastern Queensland, to whisk you away from London’s frosty mornings and commuter-packed pavements. Say hello to sunshine and surf, or get planning for next year.

Set on the idyllic shoreline of eastern Australia, welcome to the land of big waves and vast stretches of perfect white sand where the sun shines 300 days a year. Watch the sun rise and see the sun set, and in between, make sure to pile your plate high with goodies from some of the most chic eateries.

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The Gold Coast has the best bars too, and compulsory tourist attractions that have long made it one of Australia’s most lively and adventure filled destination for tourists from all over the world … On the Gold Coast there really is something for everyone.

So look no further for your sub-tropical fix, the best cocktail you will ever drink is made purely from the sun, sea, and sand shaken up along here!

  1. The beaches:


In fact, the 57 kilometres of golden beaches that stretch along this coast. While the central Gold Coast (Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads) flaunts the more popular and most iconic beach spots, you can still head south to find smaller secluded coves and isolated stretches of coastal paradise. We’re talking Currumbin, Currumbin Valley, Kirra, and Coolangatta here.

Top tip: Taking a walk at 6am when everyone else is still hungover is one of the most serene ways to see the Gold Coast in its most tranquil early morning state. Cherish this time to get the city and waves all to yourself in perfect peace … bliss.

  1. National Parks:

More attracted to rainforests and mountains than crazy clubs? Look no further. Embark on a drive south for the rainforests and the ancient volcano that is found among 300 kilometres of walking trails. Tamborine, Lamington and Springbrook National Park all feature a range of hiking trails with spectacular lookouts, waterfalls, caves, and camping. Allow the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk to take you on a journey through the Gondwana rainforest and discover the magic within these National Parks of UNESCO World Heritage status.

  1. Adventures:


All of the not-so extreme sports become extreme here. Surfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving with turtles and tropical fish (to name a few) are all the more exciting on the big wide GC seaway. And there’s always that hot air balloon ride you can take over the Hinterland if you’re not one for water-based adventures. What are you waiting for?

  1. Retail:

Trashy bars — and good ones too — cute malls, and plenty of clubs all reside here. After all, no city break would be complete without its fair share of nightlife and souvenir shops. Taste or budget doesn’t come into question – there is something here for you. Live shows in the evening and shopping centres during the day are easy to find. Meal times are easily sorted too; given that the city is a renowned foodie heaven – you can have fun being indecisive here!

  1. Theme parks:

Sea World

Simply because your inner five year old you will love you. The GC is home to the fairytale trio of Sea World, Warner Bros Movie World and Wet and Wild! Get ready to roller-coast and dolphin-watch to your heart’s content. Sleep-loss worthy excitement can also be induced with a quick Google regarding the range of ‘super-passes’ that will get you unlimited or discounted entries to these places during your stay!

Sea World alone is a tourist must-do: Aside from being super pretty, filled with palm trees, fun rides and turquoise penguin pool, it is basically one big excuse for you to spend a day wandering about and making pit stops for ice cream or Australian magnum lollies (they have way better flavours than we do).

Don’t be the traveller who couldn’t handle the 22-hour flight. Don’t be the grown-up who didn’t want to be five again. Treat yourself to some cheap accommodation opposite the ex-tallest residential building in the world (the Q1 resort), get your beach on and experience Queensland.

Most of all, do not leave this place without having taken your mandatory tourist shot beneath the Surfers Paradise sign or one of the famous Lifeguard Vans – even if your Aussie mates refuse to stand within a 10 feet radius of you as you beg a passing stranger to capture the picture perfect moment.

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Get yourself to The Gold Coast.

All image credits: Tashiana Langley

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